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Manual Wheelchairs

We rent all kinds of manual wheelchairs - from standard weight wheelchairs to lightweight wheelchairs to transport chairs. The weights of the chairs range from approximately 19 lbs to 60 lbs on an extra heavy-duty one.

Does the person using the wheelchair need to be able to push themselves using the large wheels? If so, they will need a standard wheelchair which is a heavy weight from 34lbs and up. If the person that is using the chair does not need to push themselves and they will be on paved terrain at all times, then a transport chair my be your best option. They start at 19lbs so they are easy to lift and put in and out of the truck of your vehicle.

Manual Wheelchairs 2009
Sizes of Manual Wheelchairs

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Please feel free to give us a call to discuss any options in renting a manual wheelchair for your specific needs. We realize ever situation is different so we would be glad to hear from you.