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Power Wheelchairs

We rent and sell a varity of powerchairs also know as power wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs. The benefit of renting or buying a powerchair vs an electric scooter is that you have a tighter turing ratius with powerchairs almost being able to turn on a dime.

Scooters can take a little effort to turn in small places such as hallways, small apartments, or small hotel rooms. It is better in general to rent or buy a scooter if the primary usage will be outside or longer distances. Scooters are easier to use but if you are comfortable and have used a powerchair before then feel free to choose a powerchair. If your new to the powerchair experience we will take the time with you to show you how to use it and get you on the right track.


Please give us a call to check which models we have or if you are thinking to rent then book your reservation through us and we will have the equipment delivered to your hotel before you arrive. We try to make the process as simple as possible.